School Spotlight: Saint Philomena School in Portsmouth


In their Own Words | The Stand Out Education of Saint Philomena School
Pre-K through Grade 8

Saint Philomena School is one of the finest private, Catholic elementary schools in New England. Each day we welcome over 420 boys and girls in Preschool through Grade 8. Our students come from 22 cities and towns in Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts.

While our campus has evolved over the years to meet our students’ needs and expand our program, our student-centered philosophy has never wavered. We began as a one-building school in 1953 and today have one of the finest elementary school facilities in the area with six buildings, sports fields, bountiful open space and the shores of Narragansett Bay at our door.

Saint Philomena School is a faith community of hope, excellence, dignity, justice, companionship, and gentleness. These values are rooted in our identity as a Catholic school animated by the charism of our founding Religious Order, The Society Faithful Companions of Jesus.  They also commit us to our goals as a School of the Sacred Heart. Our vision is guided by these values and goals that we strive, with courage and confidence, to live and share.

We are a community of Hope…

Hope commits us to the goal of seeking a personal and active faith in God. Hope is a faith-based attitude of mind and heart which enables us to think, speak, and act knowing that we are all made and loved by God.  Our hope is that, through our relationship with God, we grow into our best self, with joy for life, and the generosity to use our gifts and talents to serve God, others and creation.

We are a community of Excellence…

Excellence commits us to the goal of embracing a deep respect for intellectual values.We set the highest possible standards in supporting each other as we strive to achieve our personal best and become what God has called us to be. Our commitment to excellence requires us to care more than others think is wise, risk more than others think is safe, dream more than others think is practical, and expect more than others think is possible.

We are a community of Dignity and Justice…

Dignity and justice commit us to the goal of developing a social awareness that impels to action. It is essential that the dignity of each and every person is recognized as a human person made in the image of God. Justice requires us to examine, teach, and promote healthy relationships and structures within our school, community, and in the world. We are called to challenge opinions and actions that contradict Gospel values and required us to stand shoulder to shoulder with the oppressed.

We are a community of Companionship…

Companionship commits us to the goal of building community as a Christian value. The unique giftedness of every person in our faith community is recognized, developed, and celebrated when we work together in an atmosphere of support and respect. Guided by Gospel values, we seek to build a community where we reflect God’s love, support each other, and strive for the common good.

We are a community of Gentleness…

Gentleness commits us to the goal of supporting personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom.  Gentle strength is the fruit of authentic self-possession that has been gained through daily growth in self-understanding as we seek to be kind to ourselves, others, and all of God’s creation. Our spirit of gentleness guides us towards making wise choices that transform the world for good.

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