Jessica Simpson and Justin Timberlake Were Kind of a Thing?

M-I-C-K-E-Y W-T-F!?

Jessica Simpson, who is on a MASSIVE press tour promoting her new book dropped what i consider a bomb on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night.  She revealed that she auditioned for the Mickey Mouse Club (that’s not the bomb)- something that i already knew…she then told this ridiculous story about how Chuck Norris was her acting coach and somehow Barney was involved? Huh? (again, not the bomb) the bomb came when she revealed that when she and Justin Timberlake were out of, “relationships” they met up and shared a KISS.  I need to know the time period on this.  Was this post-Britney/Nick Lachey?? Had to have been..right?? Well- she then proceeded to tell Jimmy that when she and JT shared a lip lock (of the French variety) he immediately got on his phone.  When she asked him what he was doing he told her he was texting Ryan Gosling because he admitted that they had this ongoing bet since they were 12 that one of them were going to kiss Jessica.  Justin won…but also maybe lost because Jessica said that was their last kiss.

Check out the Kimmel appearance here.  She talks the JT story around 4:30.

Did we know Jessica and JT had this tryst?! IMAGINE if they ended up dating and the FRENZY that would have ensued?! Does anyone else remember how freakishly similar Jessica and Britney were at one point BTW?   Their moms looked exactly alike, they had overbearing dads and little sisters who wanted to be famous too.  What in the TRL?!?

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