The Bachelor in Paradise Recap No One Asked For

Here are my thoughts on Bachelor in Paradise that no one asked for:
-I was a fan of JPJ and then i wasn’t. Last night i was a fan of him again. He only had squinty eyes for Taisha the whole time. #TayPJ
-Speaking of eyes…Dylan + Hannah have such a hard time making eye contact with each other that when they get married i think their vows will have to be done side by side.
-While i believe the Demi/Kristian story line to be a beautiful one- i also ended up finding it dull. Demi was so entertaining until she wasnt.
-Katie + Chris…Clay + Nicole…they will NOT be included in the rundown Chris Harrison will give on future Bachelor in Paradise seasons when it comes to, “successful connections coming out of paradise.”  PS:  shout out to Nicole- i want to see her shine!
-i didn’t find Connor attractive until he was in the hotel room.  Maybe it was the lighting?  Whatever it was- it really worked for him and that setup storyline with Whitney.
-Do the producers just send an email out to recent cast members to see who is available?  Maybe that Revian girl was selling CBD products and didn’t have much going on because she added next to nothing…actually nothing.
-Bri the supermodel added even less.
-Speaking of…I’m still trying to get over that second hand embarrassment from Luke S getting rejected.  We will never see him again.
-Angela’s awkward wave goodbye to Chase needs to be a GIF STAT.
-Was EVERYONE invited to that Crystal/Goose wedding?  Did it go down like this:
ABC:  We will pay for your wedding if we can invite random people from the franchise as a set up story line for paradise.
Chris/Crystal: hmmmmmok!

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