St. Mary Academy-Bay View Field Hockey Team


Congratulations to this week’s Showcase Cinemas High School Team of the Week: St. Mary Academy-Bay View Field Hockey Team

This week’s spotlight was sent in by Michele Pelletier

The Bayview field hockey team has maintained a positive , hard working team attitude and effort despite losing 10 talented seniors from last year with only 1 current senior. The returning team members have recruited new players , introduced them to the sport and most importantly have given some underclass women their first team experience in a positive way. Head coach Switzer encourages team bonding – each returning player has a “little sister” often more than 1. Freshman parents have repeatedly remarked that their girls are welcomed and encouraged and not discouraged with their lack of prior knowledge of the sport. The team has volunteered many hours supporting school events, other sports team on campus and are supporting and running in a fundraiser for a former Bayview students who passed away. The Victoria Souza memorial road race.

As adults we often say “winning isn’t everything” this team embodies that philosophy. They practice as hard or harder maybe than their rivals in Division 1. Without a turf field they are often not able to practice during the season when the weather is wet. This week for example they did not get in a single field practice before there solo game on Friday. Instead of returning home they are resourceful , creative and committed. They condition indoors, they create a makeshift field on an open lot, they basically do anything they can to continue to improve and work hard.

Most Division 1 rivals display sportsmanship even when they are significantly ahead – occasionally some do not – this team has never bent to criticism. They have kept their heads up , and displayed class and grace under pressure.

As a parent I feel proud to sit on the sidelines and watch them continue to compete – the love of their sport is evident – these girls are not playing for glory but for each other and their school.

Please give them a reason to celebrate this season. They have been told repeatedly ” Winning isn’t everything”

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