The First Sonic of Rhode Island is Set to Open October 26th

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Via Sonic Drive-In Of Smithfield, RI, 6490 Facebook page

By Michelle Wells

For years the commercials have been playing on our TV’s, but most Rhode Islanders would have to travel at least an hour to find the nearest Sonic.

Now, the 1950’s style American fast food chain is set to open its first Rhode Island location on October 26th on Route 44 in Smithfield.

Anxious patrons have reportedly already began pulling into the parking lot expecting to be served, and people are excitedly posting to the restaurant’s Facebook page.

Some of the unique items you can expect to see on the menu are candy-filled slushes, corn dogs, chili cheese tots, and about 25 different flavors of milkshakes, all delivered to your car window by roller-skate-wearing waitstaff. The restaurant will also offer indoor seating and drive-thru windows.

Similar to the Chick-Fil-A Grand Opening last year, lines may be long at Sonic on Monday. Owners tell the Valley Breeze newspaper that those planning on attending the grand opening can expect to wait a bit longer for their Coney Dogs and Tater Tots.

What menu items are you looking forward to? Tell us in the comments.

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