10 Questions Every Rhode Islander Gets Asked


"It's pronounced bubblah"
It’s pronounced “bubblah.”

by Mia Zarrella, Entertainment Contributor 

Every state has their stereotypes, public misconceptions, and claims to fame. So, when an out-of-stater interacts with a local, naturally they have questions. And these are the questions we dread. The questions we are asked all of the time. The questions that provoke an internal groan. This compilation answers the inquiries that Rhode Islanders are most commonly asked by out-of-staters.


“How long does it take to drive from one side to the other?”

Why would we ever want to drive for that long? Any distance more than 20 minutes away is too far.


“How small are you guys, anyways?”

Area: 1,212 mi²

Length of shoreline: 384 miles

North to South: 48 miles

East to West: 37 miles

To put into perspective: The state of Texas is 790 miles long and 660 miles wide.


“Aren’t there lighthouses everywhere?”

And anchors. Don’t forget anchors. We love anchors.


“Do you just go to the beach everyday?”

When you live wicked close to it like we do, then you can easily make time in your day to go.


“Rhode Island? Is that part of Long Island?”

No. We are a state in the United States of America. In fact, we were the 13th colony to become a state. Last, but not least.


“Is Quahog a real town?”

No, Quahog is a fictional cartoon town in a fictional cartoon world in a fictional cartoon show.


“Do you see Taylor Swift, like, all the time?”

Not exactly, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t try.


“What’s a bubbler?”

It’s pronounced “bubblah,” and you know it as a water fountain.


“How do you set fire to the water?”

You’ll just have to attend our WaterFire nights to find out for yourself.


“Everything here is so old!”

We prefer “historic.”


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