Where in RI To Take An Out-of-Stater

Picturesque Federal Hill: a Rhode Island attraction, day or night.

by Mia Zarrella, Entertainment Contributor  

When I first made plans to host my two friends from Portland, Oregon, I was a little intimidated. Culture, history, mannerisms, fashion and food are only some disparities between the West Coast and the East Coast, and I really wanted them to like my little state of Rhode Island.

Portland is a city famous for its good-natured inhabitants; its coffee shops, food, and beer; its numerous unicyclists, plethora of hipsters and hippies, and tendency to “put a bird” on any inanimate object. And considering my friends are from a city that an entire sketch comedy TV series was made about, I felt pressure when it was time to show them around Lil’ Rhody.

As a North Kingstown resident, I knew this tour required traveling outside of my neighborhood. Given five days and my minuscule (college student) budget, these are the places I took my West Coast visitors:


WaterFire display by the Make A Wish Foundation.
Cafe Dolce Vita, outdoor seating.

RI Experience: Federal Hill, WaterFire

RI Food: Caserta Pizzeria, Cafe Dolce Vita

RI Shopping: Providence Place Mall



For late dinners: ask for outdoor seating, trust me, the atmosphere will make your night exceptionally special.
RI Hit List: Catch the sunrise on the sea wall.
Rhode Island Bucket List: See the sunrise on the sea wall.

RI Experience: Narragansett Town Beach, Sea Wall

RI Food: Crazy Burger Cafe & Juice Bar, George’s of Galilee



Bring walking shoes.
Fort Wetherill: Explore.
Bring a blanket and have a  picnic.
Beavertail: Bring a blanket and have a picnic.

RI Experience: Fort Wetherill, Beavertail State Park



Decompress and take in the vast ocean on Ocean Ave.
Decompress and take in the vast ocean on Ocean Drive.

RI Experience: Downtown, walking tour of Bellevue Mansions, Ocean Drive, Brenton Point

RI Food: Dels truck at Brenton Point Park, The Mooring, Midtown Oyster Bar, Country Kettle Fudge


North Kingstown

Awful Awfuls are a must, but make sure your visitor gets a Regular size, not a Junior... Also every Monday at Newport Creamery is BOGO day, so take them on a Monday!
Every Monday at Newport Creamery is BOGO day (just be sure to order a size Regular!)

RI Experience: Wickford Village

RI Food: Newport Creamery, Beach Rose Cafe

RI Shopping: Different Drummer, Midnight Sun, Blue Hydrangea


East Greenwich

Enjoy coffee and dessert in this cozy setting. 21 and up? Have a cocktail in the attached Toscana Lounge.

RI Food: Twisted Pizza, Mainstreet Coffee


South Kingstown

It was my friend's first time having seafood, so Matunuck Oyster Bar was a must.
It was my friend’s first time having lobster, so lobster rolls at Matunuck Oyster Bar were a must.

RI Experience: Wakefield

RI Food: Matunuck Oyster Bar



Drive-by picture of Taylor Swift's "humble" abode.
Drive-by picture of Taylor Swift’s “humble” abode. Note to self: Take photography lessons.

RI Experience: Taylor Swift’s House (no entry)

On a small budget in a small time frame, we 19-year-olds accomplished what we could, and it was all a success.

Where else would you take an out-of-stater? Comment below!

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