Cardi B + Offset- We’re Married…and we did it in our bedroom!

These two are just full of surprises.  Cardi B + Offset actually got married…and it was a really low-key wedding.  So low-key–It was before their actual engagement.  How does that make sense you ask? Well- turns out…back in September 2017 Offset looked at Cardi one morning and said, “Marry me”- and she said Okkuuuurrrr…According to Cardi she found an officiant to  marry them- and they got married that day.  No dress, no ring- just Cardi, Offset and Cardi’s cousin.  Offset kept his promise and got her the ring–aka the very public proposal back in November.  So- they were already married by the time he proposed. So- first comes marriage, then comes ring and then comes baby.  In Cardi’s words, “at least ya can stop saying I had a baby out of wedlock.”


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