Rhode Island’s Jared Haibon Engaged to fellow Bachelor Nation Favorite Ashley I.

It was about a year ago that we had Bachelor Nation album Jared Haibon in-studio here at Hot 106 to talk all things Bachelor.  We talked Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette and that summer’s Bachelor In Paradise *possible* cast list.

What a difference a year makes.

A few months back Haibon, 29 decided to make the move from Lil’ Rhody to LA where he teamed up with fellow Bachelor nation albums like Nick Viall and Dean Unglert to create Bachelor-based content and ride out this phenomenal wave that is being part of the Bachelor franchise.  He and fellow Bachelor Nation fave Ashley Iaconetti had this romance-turned friendship, “thing” going on that began three years ago when the two met while filming Bachelor in Paradise.  From there- Jared decided Ashley really wasn’t for him-yet the two remained friends and even worked events together.

In fact- Jared donated his time and really-himself- to a Bachelor auction we hosted for Hasbro Children’s Hospital here in Providence.  He brought Iaconetti with him and again the two insisted they were, “just friends.”  Rumors began bubbling again when Jared attended a wedding in Newport, RI last year bringing Ashley I as his date.   Coincidentally Ashley’s, “girl crush” former Miss Universe-turned- Global Supermodel Olivia Culpo (from Cranston) ALSO happened to be at that wedding–Oh  Rhode Island! There was a few other stints in between- Jared went back to paradise and Ashley ended up on the, “Winter Games” maiden voyage.  During that show Ashley met Canadian cutie Kevin Wednt- the two dated- and she might have even given him her v-card…but it was short lived.  Ashley + Jared got together officially in March of this year…although it seems like we JUST learned they were dating when they released this 45-minute video detailing their relationship.  The video came out on May 22nd and has over one million views.  Skip to today where we learn they got engaged while filming Bachelor in Paradise- where it all began.  Does it all seem a little fast?  Maybe.  Then again- when you’ve known someone intimately for several years, maybe you just fast forward through a lot of that other, “relationship stuff.”  Did ABC pay for that ring and will they pay for that eventual wedding?  Possibly…but- can you really hate on it?  If their love is 100% as pure as they say it is…then we should root for them.  Sure- as soon as that video was posted a few weeks ago- they immediately began posting sponsored Instagram content together which some skeptics would say that this whole thing looked more like a business partnership than a relationship.  However- if they’re happy- then we should let them be happy.  They’re arguably two of the most-liked members of Bachelor Nation. I wouldn’t be surprised if the artist formerly known as ABC Family (Freeform) comes calling to document the wedding planning for a special, “6-episode series” event.  I mean- Ashley has been posting about watching many, many epsidoes of Bridezillas…maybe for some reality TV inspo? Kleinfeld will DEF be coming for her for a special, “Say Yes to the Dress” ep.

I only ask this:  Please consider Rhode Island (Jared’s home state) as a wedding location.  I mean…we’re home to the Newport Mansions.  ‘Nuff said.



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